© Ellie Kurttz | ROH

"The superbly delivered."​

"[H]aving lost track of the plot, [I] focused my admiration on conductor Michael Papadopoulos's flawless account (with members of the ROH orchestra) of Weill's divinely decadent score."

Mark Valencia, Bachtrack

"Under Michael Papadopoulos a virtuoso contingent from the ROH Orchestra injected a sense of apocalyptic terror into one of Weill's finest scores."​

Richard Morrison, The Times

"Conductor Michael Papadopoulos gets high energy playing out of his stripped-down Royal Opera ensemble"

Richard Fairman, Financial Times

"All this stimulates the mind, but it touches the heart too because the singers and wonderful ROH orchestra under Michael Papadopoulos reveal the tender warmth beneath the brittle sarcasm of Weill's score."​

Ivan Hewett, The Telegraph

"[Michael Papadopoulos and the players of the ROH orchestra] did justice to Weill's fragmented lyricism, dissonances and rhythmic angularity.""​

Jim Pritchard, Seen and Heard International

"...with conductor Michael Papadopoulos keeping Weill's popular dance rhythms bouncing provocatively along."​

George Hall, The Stage

"Wake-Edwards dares us to look away as she bares all musically, egged on by conductor Michael Papadopoulos."​

Alexandra Coghlan, The Independent

"The panache was the thing; both artists have it in spades, and Papadopoulos got the orchestra to support them to the hilt."​

"Totally accomplished JPYAP conductor Michael Papadopoulos"

David Nice, The Arts Desk

"JPYA conductor Michael Papadopoulos led a confident account of the Donizetti, beautifully following the ebb and flow of the score."​

Kevin Ng, Bachtrack

© Ellie Kurttz | ROH